There has been much confusion and dispute concerning the telescopes that Newton built, but it is now clear that his first telescope was a prototype that he constructed in 1668. This was seen by only a few friends at Cambridge and very little is known about it. This prototype had a mirror a little over an inch in diameter, probably 1.3 inches, which was intentionally optically reduced to that size by a mechanical field 'stop’, and around 6 inches in length. Newton seldom referred to this prototype in later years and so his second telescope is often called his first!

We are proud to present this stunning replica, complete in every detail - we think you will find it quite difficult to tell it from the original!

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In 1992, I was invited by The Royal Society in London to visit them with an aim to produce exacting replicas of the original Sir Isaac Newton’s reflecting telescope which they hold. I made only a few because of massive work commitments to the expansion of Orion Optics Ltd but have recently partially retired and now have the time and inclination to re-commence making these beautiful replicas. The first batch of four instruments are for people who have been asking me for them for almost twenty years, beyond that, I am making them available to anyone who wishes to own one.

To ensure the replicas are as identical as possible to the original, over 200 photographs and in excess of 320 dimensional measurements were taken of the original, every single measurement and photograph played a part in producing the replicas. As an insight into the quality of the replicas, the one I showed to The Royal Society was mistakenly thought by them to be the original.

Astronomy Now magazine kindly published an article I wrote about the manufacture of the telescope in a condensed version because of space limitations. I have included the article here and added some aspects which I added to explain in a little more detail.

Also on this site is an article I have written which looks at the telescope from more of a designers and developers point of view rather than the traditional historical method drawing information from old documents and sketches. To look at the telescope from a designers and developers viewpoint considers many features of the instrument which relate to Newton and give a more involved, in depth analysis of the telescope’s probable history.

If anyone wishes to ask any questions relating to any aspect of the telescope I will be more than pleased to discuss the topic with them via email After viewing the whole of the web site, you may wish to take things further and order one of these exacting replicas, please click on the link shown throughout the site to visit our order form page.

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These exquisite replicas are manufactured to order and are all identical both in materials and quality. We are making them available to interested parties including museums around the world, selected scientific bodies and the general public. The telescope measures 245mm long (9.5 inches) x 210mm high (8.25 inches) x 145mm wide (5.75 inches). Each replica is accompanied with a signed and dated certificate of origination. Shipping costs are dependent on location and we will advise you on cost prior to accepting your order. The cost of each replica is £1295 including any appropriate UK taxes. If you would like to place an order for one or ask for further information or specific photographs just click on the button below.

We are sure you will be delighted with the quality and realistic appearance of the replica and please feel free to compare it with photographs of the original of which there are many on the Internet.

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The first reflecting telescope built by Sir Isaac Newton in 1668 was a landmark in the history of telescopes, being the first known successful reflecting telescope. It was the prototype for a design that later came to be called the newtonian telescope.

Every detail recreated as close to the original as possible!

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